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Jun 222013
Jagath Chamila won the Best Actor award in NYCIFF
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Sri Lankan Actor Jagath Chamila has won the Best Actor award at NYCIFF in New York City.

Versatile film, teledrama and stage drama actor Jagath Chamila has won the Best Actor award at the New York International Film Festival.

He had bagged the award for portraying the role of a poor and mentally challenged Sri Lankan village lad in Priyankara Vittanachchi’s film ‘Sam’s Story’(Sameege Katawa).

Four other actors from USA, Denmark, Cuba and Canada have been nominated for the award at the festival which was held from June 13 to 20.

‘Sam’s Story’ is based on Captain Elmo Jayawardena’s 2001 Gratiaen award winning novel of the same name.

- Ruwini Jayawardana (Daily News)

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