Dec 172012

Samsung NP300E5X A09IN

2012 was the best year for budget laptops, Gadget companies have realized that the majority of commoners use laptops for practicality than style or high performance efficiency. People with budget constraints generally prefer laptops within the 20,000 to 25,000 range for everyday use. Unlike avid tech lovers who prefer laptops for extreme gaming and HD movies majority of people laptops for general everyday purpose. With most of them coming with pre-installed Windows/Linux OS, it doesn’t make sense to spend thousands of rupees on unwanted features you wont use for the next few years.

Considering the user preferences and a few constraints like browsing, watching movies, social networking and sending mails, we have analyzed and assorted the best budget friendly laptops money can get you.

Samsung NP300E5X-A09IN Laptop :

This low-end offering from tech giant Samsung comes with plenty of features to play. Despite the form factor the Samsung NP300E5X-A09IN Laptop renders users excellent movie watching experience with its anti-Reflective HD LED display.

Why buy Samsung NP300E5X-A09IN ?

Anti-Reflective HD LED display1366 x 768 Pixel resolution 15.6” screen

Disappointment :

Considerable lower Battery backup time

Major Specs :

RAM – 2 GB DDR3Storage – 500 GBProcessor – Intel® Pentium® Processor B970 (2.30 GHz,2MB L3 Cache)Chip-set – mobile Intel HM70 ExpressBattery Life –  6 cell, up to 3 hours

Rating – 3.5/5

HP 450 Laptop :

Hewlett Packard products are known to be reliable and efficient, this HP 450 Laptop is no exception. The HP 450 Laptop is an ergonomically designed device with excellent touch pad and smooth keyboard. An excellent audio system elevates your movie experience, on the flipside though the poor battery life affects its portability.

Why buy HP 450 Laptop?

Responsive and comfortable touch padSoft keys & Solid KeyboardBetter Audio System and controls

Disappointment :Quite HeavyAverage battery life

Major Specs :

RAM – 2 GB DDR3Storage – 320 GBProcessor – Celeron Dual CoreChip-set – Mobile Intel HM70 ExpressBattery Life – 6 cell, up to 3 hours

Rating – 3/5

Acer Gateway NE56R Laptop :

Coming out from the popular Acer NV series, you would expect this laptop to be expensive and powerful. Surprisingly this laptop is affordable and relatively powerful to an extent. But the important factor is the astounding battery life stays close to 5 hours, which makes the case for the most portable laptop under 25,000 INR.

Why buy Acer Gateway NE56R Laptop?

Excellent Battery LifeErgonomic Design

Disappointment :

Bulky form factorUncomfortable touch pad

Major Specs :

RAM – 2 GB DDR3Storage – 500 GBProcessor – Pentium Dual Core (2nd Generation)Chip-set – Mobile Intel HM70 ExpressBattery – 6 cell, up to 5 hours

Rating – 2.5/5

Toshiba Satellite C850-P5010 Laptop :

Sleek and light weight design has always been the hallmark of Toshiba laptops, the C850-P5010 from the popular satellite series is no exception. The laptop features 1366 x 768 pixel resolution with a High-Definition Clear SuperView LED Backlit Display ideal for watching HD movies and resource intensive games. On the flipside, the weak battery is a letdown even for everyday users. But with its catchy price tag, the Toshiba Satellite C850-P5010 Laptop is a steal.

Why buy Toshiba Satellite C850-P5010 Laptop?

LightweightAdded Number keys in KeyboardWell placed ports and connectorsBack-lit Keyboard

Disappointment :

Poor battery lifeSlower performance compared to other popular offers

Rating – 3/5

Major Specs :

RAM – 2 GB DDR3Storage – 320 GBProcessor – Pentium Dual Core (2nd Generation)Chip-set – Mobile Intel HM65 ExpressBattery – 6 cell, up to 3 hours

Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 Laptop :

Fujitsu is a not so popular entity in India, but known around the world for its excellent electronic gadgets. This Lifebook laptop series is hopeful to make a presence in India. The Lifebook AH532 is perhaps the best laptop you can get under 25,000 rupees. With excellent features  is considerably faster than some premium laptops, Fujitsu makes a case for itself

Why buy Fujitsu Lifebook AH532 Laptop?

Connectivity – Wifi – N series & Bluetooth version 4.015.6 inch,  Anti-glare LED backliteMulti touch- touchpadHDMI port &sleep charge

Disappointment :

None really! Although the service network is not widely known like Samsung or SonyRAM – 4 GB DDR3Storage – 500 GBProcessor – Core i3 (2nd Generation)Chip-set – Intel HM76 ExpressBattery – 6 cell, up to 4 hours

Rating – 4.5/5

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