Nov 012013

In her latest post from the West Indies, Jenny Gunn blogs on being captain, dreadful karaoke and meeting Brian Lara.

So far there hasn’t been a dull moment since we arrived in the Caribbean – the whole tour has been eventful.

I had the chance to captain for two Twenty20s after Lottie tweaked her hamstring and couldn’t get into third gear while sprinting.

We are unsure if she actually has a third gear but this took her out of the second New Zealand T20 which meant I had to captain. I found it a bit scary to start with but it was actually quite fun.

I did laugh when I was taken into the umpires’ room before the game for a captains’ meeting.

Basically, the game was to be delayed as two of the floodlights weren’t working. It made high catching practice before the game rather dangerous as we had to guess where the ball was coming out of the night sky.

After the game we arrived back at the hotel at 11.45pm just in time to go and watch some baby turtles be put into the ocean. They were born that morning and will return in 25 to 30 years to lay eggs in the exact same spot.

Our last night in Barbados provided some quality entertainment. There was karaoke at the hotel and one of the moments that stood out was a West Indian woman singing The Carpenters. That was a bit different.

It was still going on when I was in bed. At one point I thought I recognised the voices so looked outside to see Danni Wyatt and Tash Farrant singing Backstreet Boys. It’s safe to say they ruined the song and I will never be able to listen to it again.

We then travelled to Trinidad where it seems to be hotter but being the rainy season it isn’t unbearable.

I do feel like I’m in ‘Carry on Abroad’ though. When we arrived we found out the pool has only just been dug out which means we can’t use it. I’m sure it will be nice when it’s finished.

On the morning of the first ODI earlier this week, a man said to me at breakfast: “I hope you’re good at water polo as there’s no chance of playing cricket today.”

Turns out he was right as it didn’t stop raining all day. On a positive note, the rain has filled the pool up.

Last night we were invited to the High Commissioner’s residence for a function. It was nice to get out for the evening and meeting Brian Lara topped it off.

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