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Published: 10:31PM Monday April 08, 2013 Source: ONE Sport

Consultation process opens NZ Cricket to change (Source: Photosport)

NZ Cricket chairman Chris Moller and CEO David White – Source: Photosport

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New Zealand Cricket CEO David White (Source: ONE Sport) Cricket boss David White responds to Parker report (5:21)

NZ Cricket slams Parker report as untrue video

New Zealand Cricket has presented its critics with the perfect opportunity to put their money where their mouthes are.

The national sporting organisation is seeking feedback on a proposed constitution that has been drafted after input from a wide cross section of the cricketing community.

The new document maintains many of the features of the current constitution, but also introduces several changes regarding the election of directors, says drafting committee chair Don Mackinnon.

“We had a very positive and constructive meeting in early March with all major association chairmen and CEOs to ensure that we had a full understanding of the views of the associations before we started this process,” says Mackinnon.

“The major associations had a number of good ideas on improvements that could be made to the board election process and we’ve incorporated those views into the new constitution.”

The draft constitution was prepared by NZC’s legal advisors Minter Ellison, with oversight from Mackinnon’s drafting committee.

Some of the new features in the draft constitution include:

* a skills matrix for the NZC board, which can be updated to address the rapidly changing environment

* all board directors to be elected, with no appointed members. Vacancies will be advertised publicly and anyone can apply

* all board candidates to be assessed by the appointments panel, with the best applicants short-listed for interview by the panel

* the appointments panel to comprise five people – a convenor, three major association chairmen and one person nominated by Sport New Zealand

* each candidate recommended for election must receive more than 50% of the votes cast at the AGM to be elected

* remuneration can be paid to NZC directors if recommended by appointments panel and approved at the AGM

Mackinnon said the main reason for adopting this governance model was to ensure NZC had the best people in key roles.

“First and foremost it is designed to attract the best possible candidates by opening nominations to all parties and having a confidential process akin to a job interview with limited scope for politicking once the Appointments Panel has made its recommendations.”

“It is also important to recognise that this is only a draft and NZC invites all interested parties to comment on the proposed constitution,” said Mackinnon.

The deadline for feedback from the major associations and districts is May 15.

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