Aug 312013

Former Indian captain Sourav Ganguly has reacted sharply to suggestions in some sections of the media which compared his ‘shirt twirling’ celebrations to England’s ‘urine-gate’.

Ganguly, however, also added that authorities must desist from the urge to punish the involved players. ECB and English players issued a guarded apology without going into the specifics of their Ashes winning celebrations. English media has been trying to downplay the incident in atypical fashion while also throwing a few barbs at the Australian media, who were mostly the eyewitness to the ‘urine-gate’. While some former players have mentioned the incident as ‘disrespectful, crass and arrogant’ Ganguly sought to side with the English view. 

“They are no more school-going children that they should be punished as a measure of reformation.” Ganguly said, adding that “No doubt, England were a better side than Australia but they crossed their limits while celebrating the Ashes triumph. I just read it in the papers, it was nothing but hilarious. There is nothing wrong to celebrate but you should not get carried away. KPs (Kevin Pietersen and others) are matured enough, they would not be punished.”

He however reacted sharply to some sections of English media trying to compare the ‘shirt twirling’ celebrations by Ganguly himself upon winning the high-intensity Natwest Trophy 2002 final. At the time, many English players and newspapers took dim view of such a brazen act at the home of cricket itself, the Lord’s balcony. Ganguly however was pretty clear that he did not disrespect cricket, it’s equipments or the game itself. He added with a wry smile that it was sweet payback for Andrew Flintoff’s similar celebrations in India a few months earlier and nothing more. 

“We did not cross our limits after winning the Natwest final at the Lord’s. It was no different at the Wanderers; in Pakistan, we could not do much because of high security alert. But our celebration was confined to the dressing room, never on the field. Those things cannot be compared with what the English players did,”

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