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Former Black Caps’ captain Ian Smith along with former batsmen John Morrison and Mark Greatbatch have admitted that they are part of John Parker’s rebel group who are pushing for a change within New Zealand Cricket . 

Smith made the admission on a morning radio show last week , the host of Radio Live Marcus Lush rasied the topic with Smith and requested him to clarify his position by saying ,  “I guess the question I just need to ask you, is this report about Ross Taylor, are you involved with that?”

“I’m involved with it, yeah, I’m involved in terms of reading it, in terms of, I’m involved in, you know, with a lot of people involved around it, yeah, I’m involved with Ross Taylor as well I’ve never been shirking any of that.” Smith replied.

Former batsman John Morrison said he was happy to lend his voice to the John Parker-led group which came up with a nine page report including 77 bullet points raising serious accusations about Taylor’s removal with several senior players alongside coach Mike Hesson and McCullum lined up for criticism. 

Morrison maintains his main interest is the governance of NZC and being a Wellington city counciller he believes he knows a thing or two about that.He was disgusted at the way Taylor was sacked but he has moved on from that and is delighted about the recent improvement of the on-field perfromance of the Black Caps under new captain Brendon McCullum, but he remains pessimistic about the way forward for cricket in the country and  is disappointed that NZC wont discuss ways forward with people who have done a lot for the game 

Mark Greatbatch in an interview with the Star-Times said , “I’m happy to say I’m part of the group,”.He also said  that , “I’ve listened and read the information, I’ve contributed to some of it. The other people need to be comfortable themselves to tell you who else is involved in the group. There’s former players, former captains.At the end of the day we’re trying to help the game in this country. We don’t think there’s enough knowledge in the  group. I’m happy to come out in public. We’re concerned people about our game.”

Greatbatch also concurred with prior comments of both Smith and Parker that the re-emergence of the controversial issue is sympton that is overshadowing a bigger message.

The Sunday Star-Times can also reveal the other members of the group which include former national captain and coach Glenn Turner , other famous ex-New Zealand skippers Martin Crowe and Jeremy Coney and former national representative Mark Priest. 

David White , chief executive of NZC has been one of the most criticised administrators in this entire saga but he says he will not resign. The Parker group is most interested in in revisions of the old constitution , how the NZC board is elected and the make-up of the teams appointments panel.

John Parker says the ex-skipper Stephen Fleming who is the country’s most successful captain has admitted he shouldn’t have been on the panel that appointed Mike Hesson as coach of the Black Caps.

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