Apr 112013

Cricket Australia CEO James Sutherland today told an Australian Sports Commission “Our Sporting Futures” conference that Australian sports administrators’ decisions will be judged in 20 years, not tomorrow.

Decisions made today will decide whether or not Australian sports – which adds value to the community and is a valuable nation-building exercise – are sustainable in the long-term, he said.

He noted there is a constant temptation to make short-term decisions for short-term benefit in sports in which the fans only care about today’s on-field success.

The public judges cricket on issues such winning the Ashes or World Cups, he said.

“We (cricket) are hurting after India and the public is impatient for success – we all are – but we need to keep concentrating on the process,” he said.

“Our performance in India would suggest otherwise, but I am confident for the future”. The past is important but it’s the future that matters, he said.

He noted that public debate often overlooked that one of the team performance review’s major recommendations tabled by Don Argus and his review team was to integrate cricket’s high performance across CA and all the states and said Pat Howard and his team had made good progress on this issue.

On other topics, he noted Twenty20 was succeeding with its main objective of getting more people in to cricket but getting kids off the couch and into physical activity is a major challenge for all sports, with more government help needed to promote activity and participation in sport.

First Posted 11 April, 2013 3:52PM AEDT

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