Apr 252013

The world is at the feet of the exciting young batsmen Virati Kohli and Viv Richards is no different. The legendary West Indies batsman has proclaimed that Kohli reminds him of himself when he goes out to bat. While Viv Richards is regarded worldwide as one of the most belligerent and destructive batsmen.

“I love watching Virat Kohli bat. He looks to me like an individual of my own heart. I love his aggression, and [he has] serious passion that I used to have. He reminds me of myself,” Richards told PTI. “He is an individual who doesn’t back off from confrontation; someone who can stand his ground under pressure. I love that as you can’t teach these instinctive aspects.”

It’s not just his batting that has caught the eye of Richards, he has been very complimentary to his fielding abilities. While in the field Kohli beckons the ball to come to him. “Just like me, he loves the ball to come to him. He wants to dive, stop the runs. He is a livewire unlike some fielders, who would just dig a hole and dive in it rather than dive to stop the ball.”

Lots of fans are quick to compare Kohli with fellow batsman, and arguably the greatest cricketer of all time in Sachin Tendulkar. While Richards has his own view on the comparisons. Richards believes that with Sachin Tendulkar continuing to play beyond 40, the country’s expectations on Kohli will be high. “I believe till Tendulkar is there, you need to give him respect,” Richards said. “Obviously, once Sachin retires, you can bank on Kohli as he is young enough and has a lot of time on his side. He will only improve and continue to get better.”

While there is no doubting the immense talent of Kohli and the possibility of him overtaking Sachin on popularity stakes if not some cricketing achievements, for now the Indian public will continue to adore and clasp onto Sachin while keeping a strong eye on Kohli as their future idol.

Image Credit: (BCCI)

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