Apr 102013


Jayatai Modi, niece of Lalit Modi (former IPL chief), is all set to make a grand entry in to Bollywood with Karan Johar’s production Gippy.

She will be playing the role of Jayati, a 16 year old teen in this film. We hear that she has got the role thorugh social media – Facebook.

A source said, “The auditions were conducted through Facebook and Jayati happened to know about it through her friends. She registered in Delhi with a group of friends but everyone auditioned except her.”

The source added, “When Sonam Nair (the director) asked her why she wasn’t auditioning, Jayati said she was not sure about it. But when Sonam insisted, she went ahead and not only auditioned but also bagged the role.”

Sonam Nair about the role played by Jayati said, “She had the right attitude that was required for her character. She fit the part of ‘Shamira’ naturally. In real life as well she is very much like her character. She is intelligent, good with sports and extra- curricular activities and very popular in her school.”

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