Apr 262013

JAIPUR: Shane Watson has often been described as the pivot around which the Rajasthan Royals is built. He has been with the franchise since its very first year. On Friday, Watson spoke to TOI about various issues. Excerpts:

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How would you rate Chris Gayle’s innings against Pune Warriors?It was amazing. It was just superhuman. I couldn’t watch it as we were travelling, but later I did see some of it on my phone. Nothing can be compared to it.

It came just a day after you scored this season’s first ton…My innings was nowhere near it. In fact, now it looks quite slow. It was nice to get a T20 century, but then we lost the match and that was disappointed. A T20 ton is very rare and gives you a lot of confidence. To get that, so many things have to fall in place and luckily for me, things worked out. But then, Gayle put that to shade.

Do you think anyone can improve on that?It will be extremely difficult to improve upon. It looks like one of those records that just stay on. When Brendon McCullum scored that 158 for KKR in the first year, we had thought that would stay on, but then Gayle came by. It would need an extraordinary effort to improve Gayle’s 175, but having said that, there are always players with potential. Virat Kohli is one person who can do that over time. There has to be some amazing talent to do that.

You had played a similar innings against Bangladesh.That was in 90-odd balls, not 66 (laughs). That was in a one-dayer. It was different and I don’t think even that can be compared to Gayle’s innings.

It must be feeling nice to be bowling again.I am very excited about it. It was solely my decision not to bowl as I felt my body needed the time. But then, bowling again after four months gave me a very good feeling. During the series against India, it was the first time that I did not have an injury and yet I wasn’t bowling. It gave me time to concentrate on my batting. Bowling for Rajasthan Royals was part of the plan. From here, I hope to carry on and bowl in the Champions Trophy and the Ashes. I am trying to bowl at my 100 per cent, but it is not coming out. I am rusty at times. Hopefully, it won’t take me long to get back (to 100 per cent).

Talking about the India series, some bad memories?We just couldn’t adjust to the conditions. We were just not good enough. The batting conditions were quite difficult, some of the Indians would tell you the same thing.

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