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Mathil Mel Poonai Movie Review

‘Mathil Mel Poonai’ has Vijay Vasanth playing the sole protagonist role and Vibha as his lady love. Written and directed by Bharani Jayapal, the film has Ganesh Raghavendra’s music and background score.

Mathil Mel Poonai follows the narration style of films in which two different stories travel alongside each other and converge at a single point which relates them. In this film, we get to see two stories – the first one is about a gang of school kids and the other is the love story between a driving school instructor (played by Vijay Vasanth) and his student (Vibha). By the time when the two separate stories converge we hear the interval bell.

The first half showcases how school kids turn violent, and as usual, the blame for this is put on the faulty upbringing of their parents and teachers. We get to see a lot of cliches like a stout guy in the gang who farts and same old comedy track which happens in classrooms. The romantic scenes between Vibha and Vijay Vasanth are in no way new to the audience.

After the stories converge we expect something better and unexpected surprises to be delivered, but what we get to watch is a violence-dipped conclusion.

However, the film has a few highlights to be mentioned too. First comes the child artist Johnny, who has showcased himself as a maniac with his expressions. Vibha looks pretty and perfectly fits into the shoes of an upper middle class girl who falls in love with a guy from a comparatively poor background.

The actress has also proved herself as a tough contender in the action sequences, unlike the other heroines who score well only with their bubbly looks.

Stunt coordinator Miracle Michael has done well in the fight sequence which involves an Aghori fighting to save a girl.

The director’s idea of portraying what would happen if a child is not properly raised by parents and teachers is appreciable, but the reasons stacked behind to justify the transformation of a normal kid to a maniac is totally unacceptable.

Cast :

Karthik, Vibha, Vijay Vasanth

Crew :

Direction: Bharani Jayapal
Screenplay: Bharani Jayapal
Story: Bharani Jayapal
Music and BGM : Ganesh Raghavendra
Production: G.V. Kannan, Peenics Creation Pvt Ltd
P.R.O : Nikil Murugan

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