Apr 292013

The Christchurch man who uploaded a video of the men accused of attacking cricketer Jesse Ryder has pleaded guilty today to breaching court suppression orders.

In an ironic turn of events, Jordan Mason’s supporters viciously tried to deter media outside the Christchurch District Court as they filmed him.

Mason hurried to his car, while his friends took exception to the media attention, lashing out at various cameramen.

One of his associates yelled “get the **** away from my car, mate”.

Mason admitted in court chasing the accused men and filming them. The unedited mobile phone video was then uploaded to several social media sites by Mason, which identified the two men who were accused of bashing Mr Ryder.

His lawyer, Andrew McKenzie, told the judge that Mason did it because of a misguided loyalty to the cricketer.

The situation has become more complicated now, with others being accused of spreading the video via social media.

Aaron Keown, the Christchurch City councillor who organised the candlelight vigil for Ryder, used Facebook to direct people to the offending footage. This upset one of the accused’s lawyers, Jonathan Eaton, who has complained to the Solicitor-General about the incident.

“Over the weekend Jonathan Eaton said I was grandstanding on this and it was irresponsible of a public figure to do such – but I’ve always spoken out about law and order, and if public figures didn’t speak it where would change ever come from? Certainly not the judiciary,” says Mr Keown.

Mason will be sentenced in July. He could potentially be jailed for up to three months or face a fine of $1000.

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