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Published: 11:13AM Tuesday April 23, 2013 Source: ONE Sport

The standoff between New Zealand cricket captain Brendon McCullum and John Parker has been resolved with the former Test cricketer retracting statements made in a report earlier this month.

McCullum had threatened legal action over the so-called “Parker report” which had suggested the Black Caps skipper had been aware of the moves made to have him replace Ross Taylor in the captaincy role.

However Parker issued a statement today apologising to McCullum for potential harm he may have caused to his reputation and confirmed that legal proceedings would not continue.

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“In the document John Parker stated that Brendon McCullum knew of the coach Mike Hesson’s movements all along according to certain players,” the statement read.

“John Parker did not intend this to mean that Brendon McCullum was involved in the decision to replace Ross Taylore as captain.”

Parker’s statement also accepted that his inference that McCullum had lied about his knowledge of the decision was not true.

“John Parker also made the point that Brendon McCullum had publicly announced in the week of 31 January 2013 that he had no knowledge of the decision regarding Ross Taylor.

“This left open an inference that could be drawn that Brendon McCullum was dishonest with the New Zealand public in his announcement and that was certainly not intended by John Parker in any way.”

McCulllum is currently in India with his IPL team, the Kolkata Knightriders, and was unavailable for comment but his lawyer Garth Gallaway said:

“We’re very pleased that the matter is now in the past and that Brendon can get on and concentrate on his cricket.”

“He’s thrilled that he has managed to get the retraction from Mr Parker and he’s looking forward to the tour of England.”

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