Apr 172013

Salman Butt, former Pakistani skipper, has accepted the fact that now he will have to serve the rest of his ICC ban after Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has rejected his appeal. He is determined to recommence his career in little more than two years.

“I have already served two years and eight months and after another two years and four months and I can still play,” Butt told reporters at Model Town Green Ground in Lahore. He was looking much more confident as compared to his previous public appearance when he returned after serving seven months in prison.

“I want to play cricket and getting the appeal was the only hope,” he said. “I wasn’t more than 50 percent sure that the decision would come in my favor, but still there was a hope that I would be able to reduce my ban but now there is no way other than completing rest of my ban.”

He was banned for 10 years on his involvement in the notorious spot-fixing scandal. Five years of ban were suspended on condition that, throughout that period, he would commits no further breach of the ICC code and will also participate in anti-corruption education program.

However, while Butt “accepted the ban” he to discuss any wrongdoing and shunned away any questions about admitted his part in spot-fixing. “I am here to talk about rejected appeal and not the case,” he insisted. “Our stance which was on day one, is the currently the same.”

 “What I know from my lawyer is that only five years out the ten are effective and I have already spent half of it,” Butt said.

He then cited the age of current Pakistan captain Misbah-ul-Haq as a sign that he will have a chance to resume his career. “In the remaining time I want to work hard,” he added. “Obviously it’s a struggling time but it’s always great to rise after fighting with tough times. The captain of the Pakistan team is 39 years old…I will be 30 when I serve the ban in two years time so I don’t find any reason not to play cricket.”

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