Apr 102014

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Mar 022014
Rolling the Shahid Afridi dice

'We need 12 off the next two deliveries, right?'If there is a point to Shahid Afridi – and really, his genius is all about absolute commitment to joyous, unfocused, futile pointlessness – then it is that he should mishit sixes to win matches. That is what happened today.

India and Pakistan have much in common, but they also have their differences – you may even have heard about this. In cricket, the most striking difference is in their respective ‘finishers’.

For India, Mahendra Singh Dhoni typically fills this role. Dhoni is one of the finest one-day batsmen of all time and utterly, utterly reliable. In 214 innings, he appears to have learnt everything there is to know about closing out a 50-over innings and he’s so cool that anyone else on the field of play is at risk of frostbite and hypothermia.

Pakistan field Shahid Afridi at seven. Afridi is basically one last roll of the dice. These dice have just one side that doesn’t say ‘wicket’ and it says ‘six’. In approach, he is as cool as the fires of Hell and in 348 one-day innings, he has learnt precisely nothing. If anything, he has shed knowledge. Certainly, his first innings remains his best.


“The captain told me to take my time and I did that.”

He hit 34 off 18 balls.

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Feb 102014
Video - Dhoni Admits Risk-Taking Policy Backfired
Monday 10 February 2014 

Indian captain Mahendra Singh Dhoni admits that his side’s decision to play ‘risky cricket’ during the first Test in Auckland was a factor in them losing to New Zealand by 40 runs.

They were bowled out for 366 on the fourth day after being set 407 to win but were only able to muster 202 in their first innings.

Dhoni says that playing aggressively in the final innings had got them close to the target, but eventually it proved to be their downfall.

He added that had they been perhaps 20 runs closer to their target when key wickets, including his own fell, then they would have changed their tactics.

“We got quite a few runs but we needed more in the sense maybe 20 runs more and then we could have changed gears because, you know, it’s always easy to say once the wicket fell, you know, maybe that was one shot too many.

“But, you know, we got close to the target because of that period, you know, that what, maybe five to seven over period where we got quick runs and it was important also to put the opposition under a bit of pressure because those 25 runs, if (Ravindra) Jadeja won’t have got out, those 25 runs if you subtract the opposition, you know, they feel the pressure, the reason being they have to get us out but at the same time they don’t want to give away too many boundaries.

“That was the thinking behind it and to some extent it paid off but…if you’re playing risky cricket at times you may get out and that’s what really happened.

“But if we had got 20 more runs, you know, we would have changed gears,” he added.

The second Test begins at the Basin Reserve in Wellington on Friday 14th February.

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