Oct 202013
Four fishermen injured in Sri Lankan Navy attack
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Four fishermen from this coastal town were injured when they were attacked allegedly by Sri Lankan naval personnel near Katchathivu islet on Sunday.

Police said the Naval personnel also damaged more than 10 fishing nets of the fishermen.

They said the fishermen came back and got themselves admitted to various hospitals without informing the authorities concerned.

Officials are now making enquiries with various hospitals to find out where the fishermen have been admitted.

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Jul 122013
Stop Sri Lankan assaults on Tamil Nadu fishermen: Jayalalitha to Indian PM
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In a stern letter condemning India’s “stoic and apathetic silence” on the assaults on Tamil Nadu fishermen by the SL Navy on Tuesday, Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J. Jayalalitha, addressing the Indian Prime Minister Dr. Manmohan Singh, urged him to impress upon Sri Lanka “to stop these continuing unprovoked assaults upon innocent Indian fishermen on the high seas by the Sri Lankan Navy.” The letter was sent in the wake of the arrest of 21 Tamil Nadu fishermen by the SL Navy on 6 July, which Ms. Jayalalitha termed a “high-handed and illegal abduction.” The AIADMK leader further called on the Indian Prime Minister to summon the Sri Lankan High Commissioner in New Delhi and to advice him to stop such assaults.

“These rapacious onslaughts of the Sri Lankan Navy upon innocent and unarmed Indian fishermen are perpetrated with a view to intimidating and browbeating them to prevent them from venturing out to the fishing waters in the vicinity of Katchatheevu (ceded to Sri Lanka by India in 1974), which my Government has always claimed to be a part of the traditional fishing areas of Indian fishermen,” Jayalalitha said in her letter.

“Such unprovoked and violent acts of the Sri Lankan Navy unfortunately remain uncountered by the Government of India. This will only exacerbate the situation and create more unrest amongst the fishermen community of Tamil Nadu,” she further added.

Calling on the Prime Minister to summon Sri Lanka’s High Commissioner, she wrote that Manmohan Singh should strongly advise the Sri Lankan Government through the diplomat “to stop these continuing unprovoked assaults upon innocent Indian fishermen on the high seas by Sri Lankan Navy”.

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May 062013
Tamil Nadu assembly passes unanimous resolution on retrieval of Kachcha-theevu

The Tamil Nadu assembly on Friday passed a resolution demanding the retrieval of Kachcha-theevu citing “continued violent attacks, torture and arrest of Tamil Nadu fishermen by the Sri Lankan Navy.” Tamil Nadu Chief Minister J Jayalalitha had emphasised that the retrieval of Kachcha-theevu was the only way to protect Tamil Nadu fishermen. The resolution, moved by the AIADMK, was unanimously passed in the assembly with the approval of the representatives of all political parties present.

kachcha_new_map_445Satellite image showing the location of Kachchatheevu [Image courtesy: NASA, Visible Earth, Legend by TamilNet]

“Replying to the discussion on the resolution, the Chief Minister said there were seven instances of the Sri Lankan Navy harassing and imprisoning fishermen from Tamil Nadu in the last two months. Thirty fishermen were still languishing in prisons there and five of them had spent more than a year,” The Hindu reported on Friday.

The only parties absent when the resolution was tabled were the PMK and the DMK. The DMK members had been earlier suspended for the entire budget session.

Of the political parties present in the assembly, some were of the opinion that the resolution would have far-reaching impact in the backdrop of China getting closer to Lanka, The New Indian Express reported on Saturday.

“In the future, redeeming Katchativu would help save India from possible attacks from China,” the TNIE report further added.

Naturally the Eezham Tamils, under whose territorial sovereignty the question of the islet falls in, should have demanded negotiation with them. But, under the current circumstances of New Delhi-abetted Sinhala military occupation of their entire country and waters in the island, only apathy would be their response to the move of Tamil Nadu. They may even welcome it as it would undermine the unholy alliance between New Delhi and Colombo, Eezham Tamil activists of alternative politics in Jaffna said.

The uninhabited islet lacking potable water, situated midway between Nedun-theevu of Jaffna district and Rameswaram of Tamil Nadu, traditionally comes under the Roman Catholic parish of Nedun-theevu (Delft). The fishermen question escalated with the unchallenged occupation of the waters of Eezham Tamils by the genocidal Sinhala Navy in partnership with New Delhi.

indo_sl_boundary_445Maritime boundary in the Historical Waters of the Palk Bay between India and Sri Lanka. [Courtesy: U.S. Department of State, Bureau of Intelligence and Research, 1975]

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