Feb 162013

By Louis Anderson-Rich

Hello and welcome to Seddon Park in Hamilton, the scene of New Zealand’s only win over England on this visit so far, for the opening One Day International between these two sides.

The T20 series has been and gone – with England claiming that scalp – and now it’s time for a whole new format of the game.

The BlackCaps are coming off the back of an ODI series win in South Africa, a first ever, and say they’re focusing on this form of the game in preparation for the 2015 World Cup.

England’s last ODI outings were on the sub-continent against India where they narrowly lost a five game series, and they’re bringing in the big guns to try and deal the first blow against New Zealand.

We bring you live streaming written commentary, video highlights (be sure to refresh your browser) and all the cricket action.


LIVE COMMENTARY……BlackCaps 259/7 ….England 258

49th Over: Broad bowling, McCullum pulls it huge! SIX! VIDEO UP. Just what New Zealand need!…Guptill goes big! Hits a four! Game is tied!…Guptill faces Broad…hits a single and WINS THE GAME FOR NZ!!!

48th Over: Chris Woakes back into the attack, he’s bowled very well tonight….short from Woakes this time though and it’s pulled for four by McCullum! Woakes goes full just outside of stump and all Guptill can do is swing at it. Good bowling…Another swing and a miss from Guptill…But he makes up for it with a well-timed cut shot for four…Guptill follows it up by pummelling the ball low down the ground! Great end to the over!

47th Over: Guptill comes out to resume his innings and hobble about…Steven Finn with a fantastic ball to cramp McCullum up and that run rate just gets bigger and bigger…40 runs from 23 balls….Guptill slices a ball over mid-off and it races away for four! The injured man does good!…Guptill steps back from a Finn bouncer! Smashes it for six at third man! Those two balls have changed the game! VIDEO UP SOON…Finn bowls a wide he is not handling the pressure.

46th Over: Squeaky bum time for NZ now. 30 runs from 46 balls…Ellis gets McCullum on strike…Broad goes full and McCullum tries to go over mid-wicket, bounces to the fielder for a single…Wide from Broad, that’s a poor piece of bowling..Ellis with a hook shot! Up in the air! Doesn’t have the distance! Ellis is gone! WICKET! VIDEO COMING SOON

45th Over: Finn bowling, Ellis glances away to third man and puts McCullum on strike…big pull shot from McCullum! Trott underneath! puts it down, he was diving but that was unlucky…Good over from Finn which see’s three runs come from it.

44th Over: England holding some lengthy chats with the bowlers. It looks like Broad will step up…Broad’s first ball is slow and wide, McCullum with a wild cut which catches the top edge but doesn’t carry to the keeper…New Zealand go for one, look for two, they shouldn’t get it, Cook fumbles in the field though and they do and that’s fifty for McCullum!..another cut shot fielded by the man in the deep…Broad bowls short and down leg and Ellis gets his messy hook shot run away for four.

43rd Over: Swann bowling, two singles from the over so far…McCullum brings up the 200 for New Zealand with a single…Nice shot off the pads from McCullum, decent over and this is still do-able for the BlackCaps!

42nd Over: McCullum goes over the top of mid-wicket for four!…Andrew Ellis the batsmen in now…McCullum picks up another four to finish the over, dispatching a short ball from Chris Woakes to square leg.

41st Over: Graeme Swann comes back into the attack…First ball and there’s a shout for LBW turned down…McCullum comes down the wicket and batters Swann for SIX! Cracking shot. VIDEO UP…Shout from England for LBW against Nathan McCullum! Umpire gives it! McCullum goes for the review and we take it upstairs!…looking like it’s taken an inside edge so looking good for the BlackCaps…It’s also pitched way outside off stump…Not enough sufficient eveidence and the umpire’s call stands. VIDEO UP

40th Over: Finn bowling. McCullum has a swipe at a bouncer from Finn and misses….McCullum sits back and plays a beautifully timed shot to backwards point for four…Ferocious cut from brother Brendon doesn’t make it past Morgan.

39th Over: McCullum goes big! Short from Anderson another pull shot from McCullum and that’s SIX! VIDEO UP…McCullum bottom edge and the ball races away for four at third man, little bit of luck that McCullum needs…Short again from Anderson and that’s another four! Great over for McCullum!…Nathan McCullum with a good cut shot to get off the mark, 17 runs from that over keeps NZin the hunt!

38th Over: Single from Franklin, NZ need to find boundaries whilst they have the powerplay going…McCullum with another pull shot, this one in the air! Bounces once and is fielded by Root…Bouncer down leg from Finn, Franklin hooks at it and picks up the edge! Caught by the wicketkeeper and that is OUT! VIDEO UP…Nathan McCullum the new batsmen in…Good end to the over from Finn

37th Over: Anderson bowling to Franklin who can’t get any space with his shots…Very good over from Anderson only one run from the over.

36th Over: New Zealand batting powerplay comes into affect. McCullum with a nice pull shot in the gap but Root is there with a fantastic contribution in the field to stop the boundary…Bouncer from Finn, McCullum with the wild cut shot almost see’s him pick up a top-edge…McCullum gets one right! Big pull shot and that’s SIX! VIDEO UP

35th Over: Swann bowling and Franklin the new man in for NZ, he’s off the mark with a single…Franklin with a very lazy shot almost sees him caught in the slips…Good over from Swann, run rate creeping up for the BlackCaps.

34th Over: McCullum smashes a ball away to point but it’s fielded well by Morgan…Woakes bouncer means McCullum goes for the wild hook and completely misses it, those kind of shots aren’t confidence-inspiring…Williamson flights a ball over mid-on and gets a single…big run out chance here! McCullum hit a ball down to mid-on and gave him a yes-no call, Williamson has been sold out. We’re taking it upstairs…Woakes has done brilliantly to get Williamson out here, hitting the wickets without turning around, they’ve removed a key part of New Zealand’s game. VIDEO UP

33rd Over: Swann back into the attack, he’s been pretty expensive tonight…Reverse sweep from McCullum! Ends up going over mid-on up in the air! Just over the fielder there is no need for that shot…It feels like McCullum could blow up at any moment…Williamson follows that up with a smash to square leg straight to Anderson! He puts it down! Unlucky for England!

32nd Over: Pull shot from McCullum picks the gap but Joe Root comes scooting round to stop the boundary, still Williamson and McCullum are very fast and run three…another pull shot from McCullum for a single….Williamson edges the ball! Doesn’t carry! So very close to being out that would have been huge for England…McCullum plays a shot neatly through cover but it’s fielded deep.

31st Over: Brendon McCullum the new man at the crease and he picks up a few runs…Broad bowling well against McCullum keeping him cramped up….McCullum pops one up in the air! Broad not close enough to get the bowl & catch…Broad doing very well to get McCullum antsy for runs…McCullum picks one off the toes and knocks it away to mid-on for four.

30th Over: Williamson pushes for a good single….Elliott plays a cut shot straight to backwards point and that is a soft wicket! England needed that! VIDEO UP

29th Over: Another great shot off the backfoot from Williamson, picks out the gap through the covers and the ball races away for four…Bouncer is pulled away by Williamson and Trott does well in deep to get down and fling the ball back quickly…Nasty one to end the over smacks Elliott right in the helmet, Elliot dropped down to get out of the way but he couldn’t do it fast enough and the ball socked him right in the grill.

28th Over: Good running between Elliott and Williamson, both batsmen looking very lively…Anderson bowls it down the leg side and Williamson gets a touch on it and the ball races away for four…Williamson has a poke at a short wide ball and misses….good ball from Anderson cramps up Elliot but the ball hits Elliots bat and fizzes away to third man for a single….Williamson with a single to end the over and that over cost Anderson eight runs.

27th Over: Broad continues his spell…Elliot picks the gap nicely through cover and picks up a few runs…The longer this partnership continues the more frustrated England will get…Broad goes short, Williamson pulls it but Woakes shows off his fielding skills in deep and restricts the NZ batsmen to run one.

26th Over: James Anderson is back into the attack and is looking for a wicket straight away…Elliott and Williamson working the singles.

25th Over: Good shot over the top for four from Elliott!

24th Over: Williamson sitting on 49. Broad bowling…Elliot ducks a bouncer from Broad and then nudges a single away to third man…last ball of the over and Williamson puts it away for a single and picks up a 50!

23rd Over: Quick single from Williamson and Elliott will have to go…he goes well…nice sweep shot from Elliott but it’s to a fielder…followed up by a nice shot from Williamson straight down the ground for a single.

22nd Over: Shot from Williamson down the ground is mis-fielded again so that will be a single…Good bouncer to finish Woakes’ over, good over only one from it.

21st Over: Elliott is the new batsmen in for the BlackCaps…Swann hangs a wide ball out for Elliot to prod at and it gets the inside edge! Whizzes past the stumps and the keeper and goes away for four…big shout from Swann now after Elliot was caught in front of the wicket! Umpire doesn’t give anything, looked like it was going down leg, but boy that was close…in fact that looked plum…

20th Over: Williamson nudges the ball for two and this could be tight….Taylor makes it back in time…Pitched short by Woakes, Taylor goes for a wild hook! Catches the top edge and it’s in the air! Doesn’t have the distance though and Steve Finn makes the catch! WICKET! VIDEO UP

19th Over: Taylor with a mis-timed sweep which still rolls away for four…Williamson with another great nudge to pick up those important singles.

18th Over: Woakes bowling. Williamson picks up another single with a glance off the hips…Mis-field from Eoin Morgan at backwards point allows Taylor to grab a run…Williamson sitting on 36…good pull shot to the onside but a fielder is there…Taylor again tries to nudge through cover but a fielder is there.

17th Over: Swann bowling his second over. Taylor gets a thick edge down to third man, fielder is in pursuit but he won’t get there and that’s four more…Swann flights one out wide, Taylor steps out to hit but decides against and the spin on that ball almost brings it back onto the stumps, heart in the mouth moment for Taylor.

16th Over: Williamson off the hips through cover for two runs…Taylor with a swift cut to the boundary, that’s his first of the night!…Another good shot throught the covers from Taylor and he picks up two more.

15th Over: Graeme Swann gets his first over, England to inject some spin…Good bowl first up from Swann…Williamson steps into a shot and flicks a ball out to square leg, Taylor wants two but Williamson says no….great over from Swann only one run off the over.

14th Over: Wellington Firebirds player Chris Woakes coming into the attack…run rate edging towards a run a ball at the moment….Taylor pulls untidily away for a couple of runs….Williamson with another great glance to third man to get a single.

13th Over: Finn bowling to Williamson…That one’s gone straight through Williamson and just over off stump….Williamson flicks a ball off the hips down to fine leg for four, great shot.

12th Over: Bouncer from Broad straight up forcing Taylor to duck…Taylor nudges a ball away behind the stumps and picks up a single…Williamson’s backfoot shots aren’t getting through cover at the moment…Another nice nudge to third man and that’s the end of the over.

11th Over: Steve Finn comes back into the attack changing ends….Williamson gets another quick single down the middle of the ground….Taylor takes a ball to the top of the leg and it pops up into the air but falls safe.

10th Over: Broad to Williamson who gets a single…Taylor pushes the ball away to square leg and the NZ batsmen run a hard two….Broad bowls medium length and wide, Taylor unleashes with a powerful cut but it’s straight to the fielder.

9th Over: Some more in-swing from Anderson, he looks dangerous…Quick single from Williamson…England fielder has moved in to short cover…and then Anderson bowls down leg for a wide. Not exactly what Cook had planned.

8th Over: Finn taken out of the attack and Stuart Broad comes in…Broad’s bowl is good forcing Williamson onto the back foot and into the air but no one is there to catch it…Bouncer from Broad forces Williamson to take a knee…Another bouncer and Williamson takes a big slog at it! Top edge! Four runs!…another good shot to third man from Williamson and he will stay on strike after they run a single.

7th Over: Quick single straight away gets Taylor off the mark…Williamson glances a full ball off the pads for two…Another full pitched ball for Taylor who tries to go hard down the ground but Broad fields well.

6th Over: Guptill glances a shot to third man and they run a single. Well by run I mean Guptill hobbles very slowly. He should really get off…Yep Guptill gestures to the BlackCaps camp and says he needs to get off….Williamson with a lovely shot through the covers for four….another wonderful shot from Williamson flat down the ground for four, good finish to the over. Guptill will come off and be replaced by Ross Taylor.

5th Over: Anderson keeps up the attack…Guptill steps into a shot and tries to play the ball to mid-off but the fielder is there….Guptill runs a very quick single, Wickets are hit first time but Guptill is home but Guptill pulls up right after that run and he’s clutching his hamstring…things go from bad to worse for New Zealand…More word on Mitchell McLenaghan’s injury and word is he has a side-strain and word from the BlackCaps camp is it doesn’t look good…Guptill is staying on the field so it looks like he will try and continue…Williamson hits a ball away to the on-side and asks for a run but realises Guptill isn’t going anywhere in a hurry.

4th Over: Steven gets his second over underway and he’s bowled it short and wide and Williamson dabs it away for four nicely…Bouncer from Finn forces Williamson to duck…Another short ball, Williamson looks to dab it away to point again but doesn’t get bat on ball…Finn finishes a tight over with a dot ball.

3rd Over: Anderson begins his second over, straight down the middle nice line and length. Guptill blocks….Guptill happy to get his eye in…Maiden over for Jimmy Anderson. Good start for England.

2nd Over: Steven Finn bowling….Tight over from Steven Finn…Guptill picks up a single to get underway.

1st Over: Couple of dot balls from Anderson to start the over. Watling attempts to play a few shots but doesn’t pull them off…BJ Watling is underway and he picks up a couple….Dreadful start for NZ as Anderson tears through Watling’s defence and rips out middle stump! WICKET! VIDEO UP…Local-boy Kane Williamson comes in at first drop.

Alright we are back out on the field, Guptill and BJ Watling are set to open for NZ and Anderson will open the bowling for England…

So New Zealand have been set the total of 259 to win. They are fairly short boundaries at Seddon Park and the BlackCaps will be hoping they can repeat their feats from the second T20 when they beat them here in Hamilton a week ago.

FINAL OVER: James Franklin will bowl the final over…slower ball and Anderson slogs it over the top of the off-side! four runs…Franklin goes puts it on Anderson’s toes this time and Anderson swishes it away to fine leg for four. Good end to the innings for England! Again I may have spoken too soon again because Anderson goes high on the next ball! Taylor underneath it! He takes the catch! WICKET! VIDEO UP

49th Over: Steven Finn is the next player out there…McLenaghan goes short, Finn with the cross bat, Finn catches it on the toe of the bat and Guptill is underneath it and makes the catch! WICKET! VIDEO UP…McLenaghan one wicket from a bag of five now and he’s bowling to Jimmy Anderson…he goes slow down the leg side and that’s called wide…although it doesn’t look like he was in fact trying to go slow down the leg side but he has instead pulled up with an injury. Williamson will finish the over for McLenaghan….Williamson sneaks through with the last ball of the over and Anderson is almost caught out of his crease…

48th Over: Ellis bowling. Big pull shot from Woakes finds the man in the deep for a single…Very full from Ellis and Swann spins on the spot and dispatches that for four…ball called a no-ball as well. Not the way to finish…Ellis goes short and slow, Swann with a big swipe, ball takes a top edge and races away for four…Woakes edges it this time and McCullum sticks a hand out and makes a fantastic catch! WICKET! VIDEO UP

47th Over: McLenaghan with the bouncer, Broad with the open face shot straight up in the air! McCullum underneath! Brendon McCullum with the catch! WICKET! VIDEO UP…Graeme Swann joins the fray….big swing and a miss from Swann…Good end to the innings from the New Zealand can they clean up the rest of the order?…Bouncer from McLenaghan and Swanna has a dab at it but just misses the ball, Ball judged to have been bowled to high and that’s called wide…full ball from McLenaghan at the end of the over goes right over mid-off and goes for four. Good shot…McLenaghan ends the over with a bouncer.

46th Over: Woakes hits a ball to mid-on and gets a single. Broad off the mark with a shot down the ground…Very good shot down the ground from Woakes, into the air and one bounce four. The slower ball from Ellis didn’t work there…bouncer from Ellis see’s Woakes take a big swing and miss.

45th Over: Franklin comes in to bowl. Quick single from Root…Woakes gets off the mark with a leg glance single…Franklin goes straight through Root who comes down the wicket! knocks out leg stump! VIDEO UP..Stuart Broad comes in to bat for England. Franklin ends the over with two dot balls.

44th Over: McLenaghan charges in to start his eighth over….pitched very short by McLenaghan and Buttler has just slapped that away for SIX! Huge! VIDEO UP…McLenaghan offers up a wide full toss and Buttler has put a toe-end of his bat on it and Elliot takes the catch! WICKET! VIDEO UP…Chris Woakes, who plays his cricket with the Wellington Firebirds, is the new man in….good finish to the over for McLenaghan.

43rd Over: Mills begins his last over with a waist high full toss which Root should have really punished but instead can only pull it away for a single…Buttler goes to third man for a single…and Root comes out swinging, gets some good timing on the pull shot but it’s gone straight to the fielder and they can only run a single…Mills fakes a bowl after he sees Root step over for the scoop shot…Mills finishes his spell with a two because Williamson fumbles it out deep, so what an outstanding spell from Kyle Mills, he only conceded to boundaries, he ends with figures of 30-2 from 10 overs. Great stuff.

42nd Over: Ellis to bowl. WASP still has England to finish with 260, but that’s looking less and less likely with each ball. Elliot bowls down the leg side for a wide…Root picks up a couple…Root sitting on 49 and he gets single and brings up his half-century. Good little innings from the youngster…ball goes aerial from a Root shot. England get a single and up goes the 200…Ellis sets up a sitter for Buttler to smash high and down the ground for SIX! VIDEO UP

41st Over: Mills keeps up his bowling spell. Cut shot from Morgan hard and flat, Guptill gets down to catch it! What a catch! WICKET! VIDEO UP…Jos Buttler the new man at the crease…Taylor makes a good stop in the slips….Buttler edges one away to the off side and Mitchell McLenaghan makes a sprawling save to stop the boundary….Mills ends his over with a single so just three runs from that over.

40th Over: What an excellent over from Mills that was, he did everything needed of him and more…Ellis in to bowl the last of the powerplay overs. Root goes for another scoop shot and instead picks up some leg byes…Ellis goes right across Morgan who comes down the wicket and tries to nudge it, great deviation from Ellis.Cut shot from Morgan gets him off the mark….ball pitched short by Ellis, Root hooks it and picks the gap, four runs.

39th Over: Mills bowling, Root advances down the wicket and takes a big slog but misses the ball completely…Another big swing from Root and another miss, good bowling from Mills…MIlls pitches this one on Root’s toes who flicks the ball away for two…Root pulls the ball to mid-on and picks up a single….Trott steps away, goes for the cross bat and this time the bottom edge smashes into the stumps! WICKET! VIDEO UP…Eoin Morgan comes to the crease and England will be hoping he can jack this run rate up.

38th Over: McLenaghan back in to bowl. Big swing from Root! Ball pops up into the helmet! Physical start to the over. Root responds with a scoop shot over Brendon McCullum for four. Great shot…Trott steps away from the wicket and tries the big cross-bat, get a bottom edge and bounces to McCullum behind…Wonderful shot from Trott who flicks it off his legs over fine leg for four to end the over.

37th Over: The miserly Kyle Mills comes in to bowl a few in this powerplay…Root comes of his line and goes very high straight down the wicket! It hasn’t got the distance for a six and he gets away with it as the ball lands between two fielders…Mills bowls very close into the body and Root can’t get out of the way quick enough! McCullum gets the catch! That should be out! We’re taking it upstairs…big call it could go either way. Root appealed because he says it came off the arm…and the umpire has turned the wicket down so Root is not out! Mills finishes the over and he looks pretty gutted he didn’t get what would have been a vital wicket.

36th Over: Batting powerplay has been called so expecta couple of runs from the England batsmen…McLenaghan bowling and Trott gets a quick single…Another quick single from Root this time….Bouncer with venom bowled by McLenaghan and Trott has to duck out of the way. Another ball bowled short from McLenaghan is hooked by Trott for a single….very good over from Mitchell McLenaghan, the first of the powerplay overs, England pick up five runs from it.

35th Over: Ball goes aerial as Root sweeps the ball to Kane Williamson deep again. Root with another sweep shot, good fielding in the deep by Williamson…Good over from Nathan McCullum.

34th Over: McLenaghan to bowl and inject a bit of pace…Singles are flying between Root and Trott…Trott opens up from the wicket again and cuts it out to Kane Williamson on the boundary, Trott picks up a double…There goes the over…

33rd Over: McCullum comes back in for a spell of spin…Lovely sweep shot from Root is hit straight to the man in deep and he can only pick up a single.

32nd Over: Grant Elliot in to bowl…Trott hits a single of his first ball…WASP has increased it’s projected total to 272 for England…Elliot bowls wide of off-stump, Root comes across to have a go, thinks better of it, Umpire calls wide for height which Elliot doesn’t take too kindly to…Trottfacing, last ball of the over is slower and Trott smashes it low for four and picks up his half-century. VIDEO UP

31st Over: Williamson floats up a bit of width and Joe Root dispatches it through covers for four…Trott on strike sitting on 46…He gets a single….Joe Root hits out to mid-off and runs a quick single…Trott three from his half-century….he goes down the ground for a single and keeps strike for the next over.

30th Over: Impetus on England to up the ante you feel. 20 overs remaining and eight wickets in hand…Trott plays the ball away for a single. Franklin goes short, Trott pulls away to McLenaghan in deep…WASP is picking a 263 total for England from here…Root steps away from the wicket and cuts a ball away for four…Franklin fluffs his line and Root glances a ball to fine leg off the hips for another four.

29th Over: Kane Williamson has been called on to bowl some spin. Williamson flights it up and Root hits down the ground on the full for a single….Good start for Williamson only four from the over.

28th Over: Franklin continues his spell and keeps it tight, pitching it quite short and keeping England on the backfoot…Curse of the commentator strikes though as Franklin bowls wide of off-stump with a slower ball and Trott cuts it away for four…Dot ball to end Franklin’s over.

27th Over: McCullum bowls another tight over, only four singles from it

26th Over: Franklin bowls wide, Trott pulls it across for a dot. Good fielding from McCullum…Bouncer from Franklin forces Trott to duck…another Bouncer from Franklin sees Trott take some evasive action and the ball flies off his helmet for a four. Unlucky for Franklin…very quick single from Trott as Kane Williamson gets down quickly and flings it to the keeper. Root well home though.

25th Over: Great end to Franklin’s last over. Joe Root is the new man in for England. McCullum will continue bowling…Trott grabs a single and puts the new man in to face….Root’s first shot is a lovely glance down to third man a four. Good way to introduce yourself….tight bowling from McCullum to end the over, he’s starting to pick up some good spin now.

24th Over: Bell picks up a single on the first ball of Franklin’s second over…Franklin with a slower ball to Bell who pops it up straight at Franklin! Drops just in front of him, could have been a catch if he put some effort in?..Another flick off the legs from Bell for a single…Bell charges down the wicket and takes a swing! There’s the nick! There’s the wicket! Bell is gone! WICKET! VIDEO UP

23rd Over: McCullum continues his bowling spell. NZ showign a little desperation as Brendon McCullum calls for a catch from a weak shot that was only a foot from the ground…Trott goes down the ground and picks up a single…Bell advances down the wicket and smacks the ball over mid-off for four. Good shot.

22nd Over: James Franklin the new face in the BlackCaps attack….Bell glances the ball to fine leg for a single…Couple of singles in Franklin’s first over, in fact six singles. No risk, England content to play it safe at the moment. Will Bell be looking at a three-figure score for himself?

21st Over: McCullum bowling. Nice ball sneaks through Trott’s defences there…Trott follows that up with a sweep that hits the top edge! In the air! Mill’s can’t reach the ball in time and England escape with a single… Another good finish to the over for Nathan McCullum.

20th Over: Very short from Ellis, Bell spins and hooks that away for four, fantastic timing….big shot down the ground over the top! SIX! And that brings up Bell’s half-century as well! VIDEO UP…lovely shot through cover for two to end the over.

19th Over: Another ball goes begging in their from McCullum’s bowling but McLenaghan can’t reach it in time! Tight over from McCullum so far though. Bell picks up another single and retains strike.

18th Over: Ellis to start things off after drinks…Bell catches a top edge and the ball whistles away to third man….Bell takes a ball to the southern area of the male anatomy. That’ll make anyone wince…lofted shot over mid-on see’s Bell pick up a single…Trott plays a ball to square leg and gets a single to end the over.

New Zealand can be pretty happy with their start. Although Bell is starting to look a problem. He’s sitting on 39 and getting more confidence with every shot

17th Over: Nathan McCullum and Trott clash on the wicket after McCullum goes to field the ball…Trott cuts away to the off-side and picks up a couple. McCullum finishes his over with a dot ball and the umpire says that’s drinks!

16th Over: England starting to get some confidence and raise the run rate a little against Andrew Ellis.

15th Over: Nathan McCullum to continue his spell of bowling and Guptill has fielded a little stab through from Trott and hit the wickets with the throw! Was Bellout of his crease? Replays show he wasn’t.

14th Over: Ellis bowling. Bell pulls big! SIX! And caught by the ballboy on the boundary! VIDEO UP

13th Over: New challenge for the English bowlers as Nathan McCullum comes into the attack to serve up a bit of spin…Bell picks up a single from the first ball after chopping a shot away to mid-on…Trott with a sweep shot, in the gap, no BJ Watling is there to field…reverse sweep attempt from Bell and Brendon McCullum offers up a big shout! Nothing from the umpire though…Bell follows that up with a high ball that doesn’t have the distance! BJ Watling racing in to catch it! And he’s dropped it! NZ’s woes in the field continue! VIDEO COMING SOON

12th Over: Bell sitting on 25 and Trott on six as Ellis comes back in to bowl, Trott leg glances away to McLenaghan in deep and picks up two runs…Bouncer from Ellis forces Trott to duck….Ellis finishes off the over with a dot ball.

11th Over: Mills stays in the attack. Bell plays a hasty pull shot for a single… And Mills ends another fantastic over just two off it.

10th Over: Andrew Ellis into the attack for New Zealand, bowling during the England powerplay….Bouncer from Ellis, Bell advances and take a big swing and misses. Good stuff from Ellis to adjust his bowling…Ellis sends up a freebie that Bell tries to smash through cover but Nathan McCullum is there….England go for a very quick run! Ball to Taylor in the field but he’s fumbled and given up a golden opportunity for a run out….Ellis ends the over with a dot ball.

9th Over: Mills’ first ball of the over sneaks through Trott’s block and hits him on the waist and rolls away to McCullum…Trott advances down the wicket and takes a wild swing, misses and the ball sails over the stumps. Mills’ maintains NZ’s tight bowling spell….Another very good ball from Mills as Trott looks to have a go at the ball and then thinks better of it and retreats….Maiden over from Mills.

8th Over: First ball of McLenaghan’s fourth over and Bell picks up a one bounce for over to the leg side, a great flick of the wrists and its gone to the boundary….good response from McLenaghan though as he puts a bit of venom into the next ball which is left by Bell…bouncer from McLenaghan is hooked over to the leg side for four…Great battle between McLenaghan and Bell….Another dot for McLenaghan to finish the over.

7th Over: Bell goes high and down the ground! One bounce four…Bell advances down the wicket and picks up a single to end the over.

6th Over: Ian Bell goes too straight and hits the opposing wickets, McLenaghan could have had a chance if he got a finger-tip to it….Another good shot from McLenaghan after Bell was caught on the pads, again it’s too high though…Bell goes straight again and Elliot comes flying across to stop it down the ground. Yorker from McLenaghan goes for a dot to end the over.

5th Over: Mill’s back in for his third over…Bell edges the ball away to third man for a single….Quick single from Trott, good running between the English batsmen….Another good single from Bell after Grant Elliot gets down and fields well at mid-off. Mill’s ends the over with a dot ball and thats another good over from him.

4th Over: BJ Watling gets a run in the field as he scampers a ball heading for the boundary. Good fielding from the Northern Districts man…another single for Bell. Great bowling from McLenaghan and Cook is gone! Straight through Cook’s bat and it’s just edged his thigh and hit the bails off! WICKET! VIDEO UP…very good wicket for New Zealand. They’ve got the England captain early on. Johnathan Trott to the crease….Trott off the mark with a four straight-away. It was very full from McLenaghan.

3rd Over: Bit of movement to start Mills’ over, and Cook is finding it hard to get off the mark. Now Cook gets off the mark after dispatching a boundary after Mills bowled too wide and too full….early shout from Mills after the ball hits the top of Cook’s pads…Ball’s hit the pads way too high for the umpires to bother though. Mill’s ends the over with a dot ball.

2nd Over: Mitchell McLenaghan the next bowler in. He bowls it pretty wide but it hasn’t been called as such…another couple of dot balls from McLenaghan who is looking quick. Final ball of the over is cracked away to the off-side by Ian Bell for a boundary. Disappointing end to the over for McLenaghan.

1st Over: Mills bowls a nice line for the first ball and Cook leaves it…couple more dot balls from Millls until he pitches it a little wider, Cook pokes at it and just misses that top edge. Good bowling from Mills….Cook gets bat on ball for the first time and blocks the ball away…final ball of the over…pitched short from Mills and that forces Cook onto the backfoot to block. Good over to start

2.00pm: Kyle Mills will open the bowling for NZ.

1.58pm: Players are out on the park and we are just about to get underway! Stick around and strap yourself in for seven hours of unadulterated ODI cricket.

1.51pm: Craig McMillian is all for a New Zealand win from the commentary box, whilst New Zealand are also getting backed heavily at the TAB.

1.43pm: Cook and Ian Bell will open the batting for England and that is a powerful pair for England. Alex Hales and Michael Lumb did well for them in the T20’s but now they’re really bringing in the big guns.

1.38pm: Great crowd building up at Seddon Park in Hamilton. Here’s hoping we’re in for a cracker!

1.36pm: England have named their team and James Tredwell and James Harris miss out for them.

1.35pm: It’s a warm, humid overcast kind of day so plenty of potential for a bit of swing.

1.32pm: We have the coin toss for you! And Brendon McCullum wins it and chooses to bowl. Trent Boult and Colin Munro missing out on today’s game. Alastair Cook having a chat and he says that he would have chosen to bowl as well as it’s a grassy wicket.

The match isn’t too far from getting underway but in the meantime you can watch highlights of England’s dominant T20 win in Wellington.



BlackCaps (from): Brendon McCullum (c), Grant Elliott, Andrew Ellis, James Franklin, Martin Guptill, Mitchell McClenaghan, Nathan McCullum, Kyle Mills, Ross Taylor,BJ Watling, Kane Williamson.

England (from): Alastair Cook (c), Ian Bell, Jonathan Trott, Joe Root, Eoin Morgan, Jonny Bairstow, Samit Patel, Jos Buttler, Graeme Swann, Stuart Broad, Chris Woakes, Steven Finn, Jimmy Anderson.

Pregame Banter:

To say the BlackCaps form has been hot and cold of late would be an understatement.

A T20 series loss and two crushing Test defeats both by an innings was followed up by a morale-boosting ODI series win against the Protea’s in South Africa. The first time New Zealand have ever achieved such a feat, and in the wake of the Ross Taylor captaincy debacle no less.

But the hope generated by that series win and the second T20 victory over England is a faded memory after the BlackCaps were ‘blown off the park’ in the final T20 according to captain Brendon McCullum.

“Batting, bowling and fielding was nowhere near the standards they need to be – and England were ruthless, and thoroughly deserved the series victory,” he says.

“We were just poor across the board, and they were excellent across the board; hence the gulf between the two teams.”

There isn’t a lot of time for the BlackCaps to refocus on the ODI series either with the first international coming two days after the series losing T20 game in Wellington but McCullum feels his team’s ability to bounce back is their saving grace.

“I thought we bounced back straight away in the second game (of the T20 series) and I expect us to bounce back strongly in the first game of the one-dayers.

“So that’s a characteristic of this team that we are showing at the moment, our ability to bounce back. England will obviously be reasonably confident after this performance, albeit with a new squad.”

And England have the right to be confident after sauntering to 143 runs without the loss of a wicket to beat BlackCaps in Wellington and claim the T20 series, with Alex Hales and Michael Lumb providing the heroics.

“All round, it was probably the most powerful performance I’ve seen from an England side really,” says Broad, who took 3-15 from his four overs.

“There was no panic button pressed (after the second match). We had a bad day but that can happen in sport.

“The fielding was strong as well, catches being held. It was a pretty perfect performance really.”

Despite their heroics, Hales and Lumb are among the T20 players to exit the tour, along with allrounder Luke Wright and pace bowler Jade Dernbach.

Five hardened internationals will bolster the ODI side – captain Alastair Cook, Jonathan Trott, Ian Bell, James Anderson and Graeme Swann.

New Zealand introduce batsmen Kane Williamson and BJ Watling and seamer Kyle Mills for the ODI series in place of opening batsman Hamish Rutherford, spinner Roneel Hira, and paceman Ian Butler.

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