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If you know and understand that writing press releases are great for your business and just need someone in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania to write a press release it for you, then go straight to the contact form, fill it out or call and let’s get the ball rolling. If you are simply exploring the benefits of press releases, then read on.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Professional Press Release Writer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Savvy professional marketers have always known the impact of press releases and have been using them to the advantage of their employers and clients. We have been using them in our business for over 20 years now. Before the internet was available as a commercial medium, we would focus on the general news media as well as trade publications. Once we figured it out, we started using it so effectively that we were getting more press coverage than competitors who were 20 times larger than us. That meant we were getting promotional exposure worth tens of thousands of dollars – for FREE. Press Releases have been good for our business and they can be good for your business too.

Don’t you wish you could get the coverage that big business gets? Whether you live in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania or elsewhere in the world, you can benefit from sending out press releases.

When the internet got commercialized, we adapted our press releases accordingly. We used to have one press release format, now we have two press release formats. We were getting traffic from the print media then. Now we target both print, online media, search engines and yes we target the user directly – all through press releases. That does not mean we only use press releases – no – that means press releases are an integral part of our marketing campaigns.

After the economic meltdown of 2008, a lot of people became unemployed. Many could not find jobs so they became self employed and naturally took to the internet as a means of soliciting business. The majority of these hardworking self employed people are not professional marketers and end up gravitating towards whatever the latest buzz is. They spend a lot of money buying expensive courses and that is all fine and dandy but they end up missing on some great fundamental tools that have worked in the past and continue to work today in the world of the internet and new media.

Just setting up a website does you no good. You have to drive traffic to it. Traffic does not just show up by itself. You have to drive it to your website. How do you do it? There are a whole range of things you can do but one of the best methods is to send out a press release.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Professional Press Release Writer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Many people think sending out press releases must be a complex job costing them $1,000s of dollars. That cannot be farther from the truth. It does not cost anything.

A conventional press release reaches the end user / reader via the editor who acts as a gatekeeper and filters which press releases are worthy of publishing and which are not. If you use the right press release format, write the way they want it, you have a very good chance of getting published as a news story. A press release getting published as a news story has far more weight than an advertisement. That is why some Ads try to mimic a news story and mention in small print ‘paid advertisement’. It’s worth it and they know it.

A reasonably internet savvy person creates his own news streams by subscribing to various feeds and getting them on his news reader. He can also set alerts that notify him when news are available in his area of interest. He decides what to read and when to read and does not want any editor to decide that for him. Your job is to present him information via feeds and reach him directly.

Search Engines have opened up a whole new world. What is the search engine trying to do? It is trying to please the user so he will keep coming back to it whenever he has something on his mind. The more often the user visits, the more Ads the search engine can serve him and the more money it makes.

Don’t you feel like you are being used no matter what the technology. Yep. That’s how it is. However; this time you are on the other side. You are inviting the search engine to use you so you can use it to reach the end user. Ironic? Maybe. The search engine is trying to crawl fresh content so it can please it’s user. You feed it fresh content via Press Release sites. Why not feed it directly? You do – by letting the search engine index our pages – but the search engine views a Press Release Distribution site as a more likely source for fresh content and crawls it several times a day. Besides, Google gives a Press Release Distribution site more weight age or a higher page rank. That means a page originating from a PR site will carry greater weight. Quite often you will see your press release via a PR site show up high on searches with your own page nowhere in site.

A link or URL originating from a PR site carries greater weight. If your press release got published in 20 PR sites, those are 20 high ranking links pointing to your website. That is invaluable as the more links from high ranking sites pointing to your site raises the page rank of your site. When your site’s page rank goes up, you start showing up higher on relevant searches.

Let’s recap. Whether you live in the Philadelphia, Pennsylvania area or anywhere else in the world, the benefits of Press Releases are universal. By sending out press releases, you get traffic from:

  • Press Releases that show up in Google Alerts and RSS feeds directly on the readers desktop.
  • Press Releases that get printed as news stories in conventional newspapers, journals and trade publications.
  • Press Releases that show up in searches.
  • Your own site showing up higher in searches.


Fill out the contact form , or call and let’s get the ball rolling.

Philadelphia, Pennsylvania

Professional Press Release Writer in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, USA

Jul 242017
Professional Press Release Writer in Los Angeles, California, USA

Looking for someone in the Los Angeles, California area to write a press release for you? You have come to the right place. We can write a press release for you and if you like we can guide you on how to and where to submit it to reach the media and search engines.

Jul 172017
Professional Press Release Writer in New York City, New York, USA

Looking for someone in the New York City, New York area to write a press release for you? You have come to the right place. We can write a press release for you and if you like we can guide you on how to and where to submit it to reach the media and search engines.

Nov 152015
The History of Pashmina

The History of Pashmina Pashmina is a Persian word for wool and is also known as cashmere from the Indian city Kashmir. The hair that is used to make pashmina is from Capra Hircusgoats who live in the Himalayans and also some areas in the regions of the Tibetan Plateaus. The process of which pashmina has been made dates way back to the 15th century. Due to the high altitude and the weather on the mountains, the people in Persia had to come up with a garment that would keep them warm. Pashminas gained fame when they were worn by the rulers of India and the countries surrounding them which also made them popular. Kashmir was the only place the articles could be woven. There were even treaties made by the leader of Kashmir to use Tibet’s pashmina. Even though the west has been slow to discover the uses of a pashmina, Nepal’s making the scarves with silk to ensure the life of the scarves is longer. Women of Nepal generally wear the scarves as a tradition. They believe that the ancestors gave them the skill to weave and choose the best fibers to make the pashmina. Not only is it a traditional look, but it also a status identifier. Women wear them for weddings, ceremonies, and other events. Because of the demand in pashmina, Mongolia ended up making imitations of pashmina with goats’ hair that feels similar to the Himalayan goats.’ Acrylic and viscose were two of the imitations. Read More …

Nov 072015
Wordpress Developer Dallas DFW area of North Texas

WordPress Developer Dallas – DFW area  – North Texas USA Call 972-245-0340 or visit Example of an Informational website in WordPress WordPress is one of the most versatile platform for developing informational or brochure type websites. It has competitors like Joomla and Drupal and some minor ones but over the last 10 years it has become the platform of choice for making websites, blogs, membership sites, and even light ecommerce. You can do pretty much anything in WordPress, from a simple one page website site to a multi-page, multi-user, multi-language website.  Like most open source software, the core WordPress platform is free. However; some add-on modules called plugins have to be paid for. WordPress is popular all over the world, from Dallas, Texas, USA to Melbourne, Australia to Manchester, UK. Health & Fitness website in WordPress Are you planning on a new website in WordPress? Call 972-245-0340 or visit and we’ll be glad to design a professional website for your business. Custom design – Salon website developed in WordPress WordPress is very flexible. It can be adapted for multiple type of businesses from health spas to hair salons, from restaurants to sports clubs.  Ecommerce site developed in WordPress Do you plan on having a website developed? Maybe you have a website but would like it professionally redesigned. That’s where we at Interloper, Inc. can come in handy. We have specialist designers and developers and we can design and develop any kind of website for you from informational to Read More …

Jul 042015
Tips on Eid Gifts for Women

Looking for an Eid gift for women? Choices abound. As the month of Ramadan starts, many of us ponder this question when considering to buy Eid gifts for the women in our lives. Sometimes you can just go to the neighboring mall and get one of the usuals but I think once in a while, it is better to step back and see if there are other options. Started doing some research and found a small online store . Some of their products make perfect gifts. Even though they primarily sell Pakistani clothing / apparel, many of their products make excellent gift choices for women from any culture. On top of that, their prices are very reasonable. Sometimes every one should buy items from other cultures – breaks the monotony and brings something new and unusual into our lives. Here is what I think make great Eid gifts for women. Pashmina Shawl with floral patterns: Soft and bright with beautiful patterns – available in multiple colors. Makes a great eid gift or even otherwise. Who wouldn’t want to own a Pashmina shawl or two or three. Woolen Shawl with mirrors: Available in beautiful purple and red, studded with small mirrors, this shawl can brighten up anyone’s persona. Dari: A place rug – makes up a good house gift Khes: An uncommon bed spread – makes a good house gift Tasbeeh: What makes them unique? They are made from date pits – Excellent Eid gift or a Ramadan gift

Jun 202015
Unusual Father's Day Gifts

How many times can you buy your father a tool set or a flash light. It’s difficult to buy fathers a unique father’s day gift especially when you have been at it for a few years. Here are some ideas that may work: Chitrali Topi: A cap from the Khyber province of Pakistan. Unique, practical and won’t cost you an arm and a leg Peshawari Chappal: Very uncommon footwear but practical and long lasting. Can be worn as dress shoes or casual. Breezy in summer. Khamta Sadar: A wrap around or light blanket made from cotton Dari: A place rug for his favorite spot Khes: An uncommon bed spread – mom will like it too Rosary beads: Made from date pits – for the holy father

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